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cor's "Electromatic"

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EV Technical Specs

Make: Ford
Model: Ranger
Year: 1989
Odometer: 71150
Last Updated (CT): 2012-12-02 01:45:09
Base Odometer: 69620
Miles Driven: 1530
Money Saved: 144.04
Gas Saved (gal): 61
CO2 Saved (lbs): 1200
Weighted Average Gas Price: 3.49
Date Operational: 1995-01-01
Conversion: Yes
Zip Code: 94041
Gas Car Efficiency(MPG): 25
Efficiency: 2.2 miles/kwh
Curb Wt(lbs): 3800
Terrain: flat
Typical Speed(mph): 55
Energy Source: power company
Energy Cost ($/kwh): 0.100
Power Company: Silicon Valley Power
Percent Renewable: 100

Description: Lil old Ford with Forklift drive Electromatic Truck was owned by City of Santa Rosa (still has inventory tag on dash) and converted by "Pro EV" in Penn Valley, probably in 1995-1996 judging from the serial nr placed on the controller box: 0496-001 Drivetrain consists of 11" GE DC motor connected to stock A4LD automatic tranny and rear wheel drive via 4.10 diff. Controller is the 120V version of the EV100 GE IGBT controller also used in Forklifts.

Stats: Average (Recent) share

Average daily miles: 0 (0)
Average weekly miles: 1 (0)
Average monthly miles: 5 (0)

Average daily money saved: 0.02 (0.00)
Average weekly money saved: 0.12 (0.00)
Average monthly money saved: 0.51 (0.00)

Average daily gallons saved: 0 (0)
Average weekly gallons saved: 0 (0)
Average monthly gallons saved: 0 (0)

Average daily lbs co2 saved: 0 (0)
Average weekly lbs co2 saved: 0 (0)
Average monthly lbs co2 saved: 4 (0)