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EV Technical Specs

Model: RAV4EV
Year: 2012
Odometer: 4500
Last Updated (CT): 2013-02-07 13:24:36
Base Odometer: 0
Miles Driven: 4500
Money Saved: 900.00
Gas Saved (gal): 225
CO2 Saved (lbs): 4410
Weighted Average Gas Price: 4.00
Date Operational: 2012-10-17
Conversion: Yes
Zip Code: 90254
Gas Car Efficiency(MPG): 20
Efficiency: 3.2 miles/kwh
Curb Wt(lbs): 4032
Terrain: flat
Typical Speed(mph): 55
Energy Source: solar
Energy Cost ($/kwh): 0.000
Power Company: SCE
Percent Renewable:

Description: This is a Toyota RAV4 which was developed to help Toyota comply with the CAFE (California) regs. The drive train was developed by TESLA in partnership with Toyota and is similar to the drive train in the TESLA Model S. The battery pack has a capacity of 41kWhrs which is about 120 miles in range, although some have gotten more.

Stats: Average (Recent) share

Average daily miles: 2 (0)
Average weekly miles: 16 (0)
Average monthly miles: 69 (0)

Average daily money saved: 0.46 (0.00)
Average weekly money saved: 3.22 (0.00)
Average monthly money saved: 13.85 (0.00)

Average daily gallons saved: 0 (0)
Average weekly gallons saved: 0 (0)
Average monthly gallons saved: 3 (0)

Average daily lbs co2 saved: 2 (0)
Average weekly lbs co2 saved: 15 (0)
Average monthly lbs co2 saved: 67 (0)