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EV Technical Specs

Make: GEM
Model: eS (truckette)
Year: 2005
Odometer: 3690
Last Updated (CT): 2013-02-19 15:03:13
Base Odometer: 0
Miles Driven: 3690
Money Saved: 247.74
Gas Saved (gal): 79
CO2 Saved (lbs): 846
Weighted Average Gas Price: 3.40
Date Operational: 2005-02-09
Conversion: Yes
Zip Code: 80214
Gas Car Efficiency(MPG): 47
Efficiency: 105.76 watt-hour/mile
Curb Wt(lbs): 1170
Terrain: hilly
Typical Speed(mph): 40
Energy Source: power company
Energy Cost ($/kwh): 0.049
Power Company: Xcel Energy
Percent Renewable: 55

Description: I have an NEV a GEM car to be exact.. I drive it daily my range is about 25 miles.. the legal speed for an NEV in Colorado is 25mph but we can drive on streets posted at 40mph.. my car will go 40+ not that I drive it that fast but can lead.. follow or get out of the way.. modifications I've done to date.. a 10hp motor.. cargo box.. LED turn signals front and rear.. Battsix monitor.. doors and 14" wheels

Stats: Average (Recent) share

Average daily miles: 0 (0)
Average weekly miles: 5 (0)
Average monthly miles: 23 (0)

Average daily money saved: 0.05 (0.00)
Average weekly money saved: 0.36 (0.00)
Average monthly money saved: 1.57 (0.00)

Average daily gallons saved: 0 (0)
Average weekly gallons saved: 0 (0)
Average monthly gallons saved: 0 (0)

Average daily lbs co2 saved: 0 (0)
Average weekly lbs co2 saved: 1 (0)
Average monthly lbs co2 saved: 5 (0)