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bobdowser's "Sunshine"

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EV Technical Specs

Make: Porsche
Model: 924
Year: 1979
Odometer: 70165
Last Updated (CT): 2013-03-11 15:03:44
Base Odometer: 69122
Miles Driven: 1043
Money Saved: 109.07
Gas Saved (gal): 30
CO2 Saved (lbs): 584
Weighted Average Gas Price: 3.66
Date Operational: 2010-05-01
Conversion: Yes
Zip Code: 55987
Gas Car Efficiency(MPG): 35
Efficiency: 200 watt-hour/mile
Curb Wt(lbs): 3000
Terrain: hilly
Typical Speed(mph): 40
Energy Source: power company
Energy Cost ($/kwh): 0.000
Power Company:
Percent Renewable: 100
WebPage: www.geopathfinder.com/9659

Description: This is our once/week commuter to make the 13 mile trip to town from spring through late fall. It can haul up to 500 lbs in the rear deck area, even though it has 840 lbs. (15 kWHrs) of sealed lead-acid gel batteries, thanks to some rear helper springs over the shocks. Great handling and acceleration. About 40 miles range typical in our extreme hills, gravel roads, and often cool-cold temps. We charge at home using dedicated PV panels and an Outback FM-60 charge controller.

Stats: Average (Recent) share

Average daily miles: 0 (0)
Average weekly miles: 2 (0)
Average monthly miles: 10 (0)

Average daily money saved: 0.04 (0.00)
Average weekly money saved: 0.27 (0.00)
Average monthly money saved: 1.15 (0.00)

Average daily gallons saved: 0 (0)
Average weekly gallons saved: 0 (0)
Average monthly gallons saved: 0 (0)

Average daily lbs co2 saved: 0 (0)
Average weekly lbs co2 saved: 1 (0)
Average monthly lbs co2 saved: 6 (0)