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Lithium Electric Porsche 911/959 - $45,000

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Lithium Electric Porsche 911/959 - $45,000

Postby pvl959 » Tue Feb 26, 2013 12:04 pm

Performance Lithium electric Porsche with 959 wide body conversion on a SC 911. The best batteries, 1000 amp controller, and 11" motor make this a blast to drive. On board automatic charger, you just leave plugged in when not driving. City or on the highway with this longer range pack comes with touchscreen display for all battery info. This Porsche also has new struts in the front, new shocks in the rear, front strut tower brace, new carpet in trunk and in car, new headliner and seats re upholstered, new Polar silver paint.17" Cup wheels and sunroof.

Top Speed: 85+
Range: 90 miles per charge /270 miles per day
Weight: 3020 19 batts/2795 16 batts
Weight distribution: 50/50 with lower center of gravity
Charge time: 1 hr 1/2 to 80%
Cost to charge: .50-1.00 for 50 miles, .01-.02cents/per mile
Charger: 115v/230v, Onboard charger plugs into normal outlet or 230
Batteries: 80 pc. 100 Ah lithium Iron Phosphate cells
Pack: 280v
Battery lifespan: apprx. 8 yrs, depends on your monitoring
Battery warranty: 1 yr replacement
Motor: 11" brushed series wound DC
Motor Lifespan: ~1,000,000 miles
Maintenance on Ev system: motor brush service 10-20yrs, battery voltage monitor, no service for controller, charger.
Maintenance - minimal; tires, brake pads, windsheild wipers etc.

Instrumentation: Low batt volts, pack volts, runnging Amps, KW display on dash. Voltage logging through ethernet cat-5 cable from controller to computer.

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