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LEAF 100+ miles on 1 charge club

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LEAF 100+ miles on 1 charge club

Postby jstack6 » Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:50 pm

LEAF owners have an on going club of member whohave gone over 100 miles on 1 chanrge . One of my friends Garry drove his LEAF over 151 miles on a single charge. That's the higest of know about. He drove slower, Put it in Neutral to coast (no legal in all areas) and didn't use any heat or air conditioning. It was while in our 1ST 100 EV miles Phoenix challenge. We were all trying to be efficient but he was SUPER efficient.

My car has averaged 5.6 miles per Kwh, which is about $1 to go 56 miles. We drive like we care all the time. Even on our Solar charged clean electric. Wasting energy of any type is not good, even clean energy.
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